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Moving Checklist

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Moving Checklist

8-12 weeks before you move

  • Contact moving companies. If you will be hiring a mover, obtain quotes from at least three moving companies. For an accurate estimate, ask for an in-house assessment.
  • Pare down and sort. Donate, recycle or throw out what you don’t want to move. Start sorting items.
  • Organize records. Transfer school records; contact your insurance agent to update property, auto, medical and other insurance records.
  • Start your own “moving manual.” Start a binder containing an inventory of your household items, moving estimates or other important receipts to keep information in one place.
  • Start looking for new doctors, dentists, etc. From doctors, dentists and veterinarians to banks and landscapers, it pays to investigate new service providers earlier rather than later.

4-6 weeks before you move

  • Order supplies and start packing. Order boxes and other supplies such as tape, bubble wrap and markers. Pack things you won’t need first. Set goals.
  • Contact utilities, cable, etc. Arrange to have services connected and disconnected now to avoid date/time conflicts.
  • Obtain change of address forms. You can do this online at www.USPS.com or at your local post office.
  • Schedule routine medical appointments. Doctor, dentist and vet visits may be hard to schedule for a while.
  • Take measurements and map out. Give advance thought and planning to where things will go in your new home. Make sure larger pieces of furniture will fit through the door.
  • Make packing and unpacking plans. Draw a diagram of where your furniture will go.
  • Arrange for pet care. Make sure your pets are taken care of during the move and when you are unpacking.

1-2 weeks before you move

  • Confirm details with the moving company. Make sure you have their contact information and they have yours.
  • Organize key documents. You should carry with you original passports, deeds, financial statements and other critical documents. Make copies of them as well.
  • Refill prescriptions. Forward medical records if needed.
  • Gather keys/alarms codes/garage door openers. Keep all of these in one easy place to hand over to new owners.
  • Arrange for cleaning. That includes your new home and existing home cleaned. Remember to defrost your freezer.
  • Confirm closing/move-in dates with your real estate agent and mover.
  • Clean out any safe deposit boxes. Also be sure to carry any valuables with you.
  • Car tune up. If you are moving to a new location with a different climate, ask your mechanic what additional servicing you may need.
  • Arrange for tips/payment for movers.

Moving day

  • Make sure you have a moving day survival kit. These are items you will need upon arrival at your new home (bottled water, dishes, toilet paper, trash bags, pet food, toys for younger children, a couple of days of clothing).
  • Check the moving inventory list and sign it. You should also read the Bill of Lading carefully and sign it.
  • Do the walk-through with your real estate agent. Be sure to ask for all appliance manuals/warranties and instruction booklets.

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